Jack London’s To Build a Fire (2015)

A man traveling in the wilderness fights a brutal battle against the cold. Based on the short story by Jack London.

Jack London's To Build a Fire

Co-funded by Land Tirol, Stadt Innsbruck, and Stadtgemeinde Wörgl.

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Wolves Independent International Film Festival in Lithuania, 25-27 August 2017

International Festival of Mountain Films in Poprad, Slovakia, 12-16 October 2016

Cinema Next Filmnacht Innsbruck, 12 May 2016

Movie Park Action Adventure Film Festival, 23 April 2016 (Winner – Best Action Film)

Innsbruck Nature Film Festival, 9 October 2015

Cannes Short Film Festival, 1 September 2015

This is my newest and most ambitious short film project. It was shot in five days in the Austrian Alps in the winter of 2014 with a mixed crew of professionals and amateurs. The digital cinema camera used was a Sony F-55. The film is not only a tribute to Jack London’s famous short story about the relentlessness of nature which I encountered during my English studies at the University of Innsbruck, but also to the German co-produced film adaptations of works by Jack London from the seventies (e.g. Der Seewolf, The Call of the Wild, The Cry of the Black Wolves…). It is a sincere attempt to transfer the story to an audiovisual medium, and does so by utilizing cinematic techniques as opposed to literary ones. For example, “Jack London’s To Build a Fire” is the first ambitious film adaptation of the short story which does not employ the voice of a narrator. The plot line has also been slightly altered to adapt the story to the screen and to create an original and self-contained piece of film art. Nevertheless, we dare say that this film version holds true to the spirit of Jack London’s original story, more than any other adaptation to date. It was shot on a five-figure budget, one half of which were generous funds by the Austrian county Tirol, the city of Innsbruck, and the city of Wörgl.

Directed & written by: Robert Spindler; camera: Kyle Heslop; music: Michael Ehninger; edited by: Bert Walser; sound: Peter Rösner; set design: Lea Spindler; makeup: Patricia Weichmann; cast: Raimund Spindler (Man), Sepp Kahn, Kai Rossmann, and Steve Colvin (The Boys); (2K; 1:1.85; color; 20min; English with German subtitles).

Jack London’s To Build a Fire on IMDB. Jack London’s To Build a Fire on Facebook.

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Er spricht nicht mehr mit mir (2015)

Using psychotherapy, an expectant mother tries to deal with her deteriorating marriage. What seems like simple case of miscommunication at first, turns out to be so much more.


Rec ‘n’ Play – Das Tiroler Kurzfilmfestival, April 2016

10. Lange Nacht des kurzes Films, April 2017

Lady’s First International Film Festival, May 2017

“Er spricht nicht mehr mit mir” tells the story of Klara, an expectant mother, who is slowly losing connection to her husband. Though she is looking towards her therapist for help, it is doubtful even he can help her. Produced in just under three days, “Er spricht nicht mehr mit mir” is the product of an open workshop in Innsbruck. Nine people wrote, produced and edited it in just three days time, before it was first shown at the autumn fest of the “Motel” events center in Innsbruck, Austria.

Directed by: Lena Vogler; written by: John Porter; camera: Johannes Hagn, Martin Heppke; sound: Roland Thaler; cast: Daniela Oberrauch (Klara), Franz Muigg (Psychiater); (Full HD; 16:9; color; 5min; German with English subtitles).

Er spricht nicht mehr mit mir on IMDB.

Wein. Blumen. Pralinen. (2014)

Josef is ready for his big date. Almost, as there is much to consider when leaving an apartment for a few hours.


9. Lange Nacht des kurzen Films, November 2015

Wörgler Kurzfilmfestival, September 2014

This film is the result of a workshop in which the participants had to produce a film within three days with almost no financial support. The team consisted of myself as the workshop leader and the participants, therefore mostly non-professional filmmakers. On the first day the working method was introduced by the workshop leader, and the goal was formulated: to produce a solid short film with nearly no monetary support. In order to achieve this goal a script by a professional writer was selected on the first day and the team was divided into different areas of competence. Furthermore, the shoot was prepared. On the second day the shooting of the film and the sound recording took place. On the third day the post-production, which had been prepared on the day before, had to be done. Within 72 hours the film was planned and completed.

Directed by: Johannes Hagn; written by: John Porter; camera: Roland Thaler, Anna Obererlacher, Benjamin Rutschmann; music: Iris Schmidt Rios; sound: Hannes Blamayer; makeup: Patricia Weichmann; cast: Walter Patreider (Josef); (Full HD; 16:9; color; 6min; German with English subtitles).

Wein. Blumen. Pralinen. on IMDB.

The Fencers (2011)

An emotionally unstable fencing fanatic yearns for one last win to bolster his battered ego. With the help of his trainer and mentor he sets out to win the championship. But an overzealous sponsorship whore gets in their way and pays a price nobody expected.


Co-funded by Stadt Innsbruck.


Cinema Next Filmnacht Innsbruck, January 2012

Landshuter Kurzfilm Festival, March 2013

International Festival of Sport Movies Krasnogorski in Moscow, April 2013

Loch Ness Film Festival, July 2013

Flimmerzimmer Freies Theater Innsbruck, November 2013

“The Fencers” was my first film project shot on a budget and with a professional crew and actors. It was filmed on 16mm film with an Arri SR3 in the Spring of 2010. The crew were mainly professionals, although amateurs were also involved and given a chance to gain experience by working on a semi-professional film set (this included myself). I believe the strengths of this short film project are the ambitious performances by the actors and the aesthetic black-and-white photography, while it suffered a bit from a mediocre script and inadequate planning, which was eventually made up for by the hard work of all involved.

Directed & written by: Robert Spindler; camera: Kyle Heslop; music: Wladimir Krasnich; edited by: Christine Veith; sound: Konrad Glas; set design: Lea Spindler; makeup: Maria Landmann; cast: Noah Huntley (Will), Martin Owen (Bob), John Forgeham (Cornel); Laila Alina Reischer (Michelle); Klaus Münster (Mr. Kornheimer) et al.; (16mm; 16:9; black & white; 16min; English with German subtitles).

The Fencers on IMDB. The Fencers on Facebook.

McFinnen & Wallace (2008)

MFinnen desires nothing but to live a peaceful life on the farm of Wallace and his wife. But his reputation as a gunslinger won’t let him.


Film:riss Student Film Festival, Salzburg 2008 (audience award)

With the help of the same friends who realized Im Westen Nur Bohnen with me, and others, I produced this mid-length film which may be seen as a more serious and pessimistic continuation of the earlier film. Some figures resemble characters from Im Westen Nur Bohnen, but the film obviously takes place in a much darker universe. It lacks most of the (intentional) humour, but maintains the amateur-style, although an effort has been made to raise the production value with any means available.

Directed & written by: Robert Spindler; guest director: Bert Walser; camera: Albert Frisch; music: Charly Harm; cast: Steve Colvin (McFinnen), Robert Spindler (Wallace), Richard Spindler (Jimmy), Charly Harm (half-breed), Kai Rossmann (Baker) et al.; (MiniDV; 16:9; color; 57min; German with English, Spanish, Japanese and Chinese subtitles).

Im Westen Nur Bohnen (2006)

Two brothers, Hogweed and Siesta, meet at a Pony Express station in the Rocky Mountains and decide to try their luck at gold mining but it isn’t without its adventures.

2 In the West Only Beans

Film:riss Student Film Festival, Salzburg 2006

This was my first ambitious amateur film project, which I planned and realized together with three friends. It started as a bet that we would not pull a full-length Western movie through, and ended as a grotesque mixture of amateurish Spaghetti Western-tribute with the below-the-belt humour of Bud Spencer and Terence Hill movies.

Directed & written by: Robert Spindler; camera: Albert Frisch; music: Charly Harm; cast: Robert Spindler (Bärenklaue), Richard Schwarz (Siesta), Markus Piff (Bounty Hunter), Kai Rossmann (Du Pre) et al.; (MiniDV; 16:9; color; 82min; German with English subtitles).



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